Korsakow Workshop – update 10.05.09

06 Apr

Organized by Luís Frias
with the support of UT Austin | Portugal – COLAB

2nd Session

MediaGround/COLAB – FCT/UNL, Caparica | Tuesday 18 May, 11h-12h30

An insider’s guide

to the development of Korsakow 5

with Matt Soar (video conference)

Investigator and Korsakow Dev.TeamIntermedia Artist, Graphic Designer, Writer

CINER-G Concordia Interactive Narrative Experimentation and Research Group

Dr. Matt Soar, Department of Communication Studies, Concordia University, is the Principal Investigator on this program of research/creation and his primary focus from 2008–11 will be to oversee the strategic and administrative development of CINERG. He has a professional background in graphic design and advertising, and holds MA and PhD degrees in Communication. He has been instrumental in Intermedia production in his department, and has an active research/creation agenda in database documentary storytelling. He is the creator of Almost Architecture (2007), an online, Korsakow-based interactive film about highrise signs in Montréal.

and Nuno Correia

Co-Director, Digital Media  UT Austin | Portugal
Professor, Department of Computer Science and coordinator of the Interactive Multimedia Group at Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia

{ Session Program }

  • Korsakow and the process of taking the system under research and development at CINER-G;
  • Exploring future ideas for Korsakow: video processing; semantic tagging and interaction platforms;
  • Q&A .

{ Reading Suggestion } Intimate and interactive By Anna Sarkissian


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